Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the Classroom

CADMUS® International Schools, a concept by SABIS®, follow the same high-quality education that is offered in SABIS® Network schools around the world. Students benefit from all SABIS® proprietary digital classroom solutions, which include Interactive Whiteboards, E-books, and E-learning tools, and which perfectly blend the latest in educational technology with SABIS® proprietary teaching methods.


Interactive Digital Screens

At SABIS®, the interactive board is used to enhance teaching and learning. SABIS® interactive board lessons are developed following the content in SABIS® books in order to support teachers in the implementation of the SABIS® Point System in the classroom.


Each lesson is translated onto flip charts, which structure instruction and enhances the content with digital features such as glossaries, videos, and audio recordings that elaborate on the content.


SABIS® E-books: Digitalized versions of the SABIS® Book Series

SABIS® E-books are digitalized versions of the SABIS® Book Series available to all students through their tablets. The SABIS® E-book series includes subject content embedded with interactive digital features such as animations, videos, audio recordings, glossaries, and hyperlinks to enhance the learning process while, at the same time, maintain the efficiency and integrity of the traditional book format.


SABIS® Integrated Learning System (ILS)

The Student Integrated Learning System, also known as ILS, is a learning platform that streamlines the learning process by connecting students and teachers through digital devices like tablets and Interactive Whiteboards in the classroom. ILS promotes real-time learning and develops students’ capacities as independent learners, giving teachers on-the-spot information about individual student mastery and empowering students to be the driving force in the learning process.


SABIS® Integrated Testing and Learning (ITL)

Students take these computerized assessments that feature the SABIS® Integrated Testing and Learning system. The system is designed to provide students with on-the-spot feedback, enable them to review content on missed questions, and retake tests within the same session.


Once completed, assessment results are immediately analyzed and continuously monitored through the SABIS® SSMS analytical reports to make decisions about adjusting the course pacing chart throughout the academic year based on the students’ performance and requirements.


SABIS® Digital Platform

The SABIS® Digital Platform is a new generation platform available to SABIS® students, teachers, and parents that is designed to facilitate information sharing and communication among everyone involved in the student learning process.


The SABIS® Digital Platform is an extension of student's educational experience at school and a tool that allows them to take charge of their education. On the platform, students are able to practice online quizzes, view, and download academic material, keep track of their courses and academic performance, view their detailed schedule and interactive school calendars, access On Demand Tutoring and PrepList as well as the Student Learning Environment.


For parents, the SABIS® Parent mobile application provides an ideal and convenient tool for them to keep informed about school new and follow their child’s academic performance and school involvement.